Issue Date:  March 5, 2002
Revision Date: November 25, 2003

S Bravo Systems, Inc.

Model B-2000 Shallow Steel Dispenser Containment System
Model B-8600 Aboveground/Marina Steel Dispenser Containment System



Output type:

qualitative, non-discriminating

Sampling frequency:


Operating principle:

float switch

Test Results:


unleaded gasoline



Detection time (hrs)




Fall time (sec)




Lower detection limit (ml)


(6.7 ounces)


(6.12 ounces)


(18.3 ounces)

*The fall time was not determined.  Evaluator notes that fall time is irrelevant because the only way to reset the system is to remove the liquid from the float sump and manually reset the shear valve.

Specificity Results:
Responds to any liquid in sufficient quantities to raise the float which trips the shear valve.  No additional materials tested.

Manufacturer’s Specifications:
The Model B-2000 and Model B-8600 systems use a float coupled to the shear valve mechanism of the dispenser.  When any liquid (water or fuel) enters the sump in sufficient amounts to raise the float, the shear valve is tripped, preventing dispensing of fuel from that particular dispenser.  The systems are designed with baffles that initially restrict the tripping to the dispenser in question.  If sufficient liquid enters the section, it will overflow the baffle and trip the shear valves on the adjacent product inlet within the dispenser pan.


S Bravo Systems, Inc.

Evaluator:  Ken Wilcox Associates

2929 Vail Avenue

Tel:  (816) 443-2494

Commerce, CA  90040

Dates of Evaluation:  01/27/02, 11/05/03

Tel:  (714) 888-4133



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