Issue Date: January 11, 2001
Revision Date: November 13, 2009

OPW Fuel Management Systems
(originally listed as Emco Electronics, Tuthill Transfer Systems)

EECO System 1000, 1000EG, 1500, 2000, 3000 and Galaxy ATG Systems
(Q0400-4xx Magnetostrictive Probe
or OPW 924/B TLM-B Magnetostrictive Probe)

(Continuous Automatic Tank Gauging)

Certification Leak rate of 0.2 gph with PD = 99.1% and PFA = 0.9%.
Leak Threshold 0.1 gph for single and manifolded tank systems. 
A tank system should not be declared tight and a message printed for the operator, if the test results indicate a loss or gain that exceeds this threshold.
Applicability Gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel. 
The system is designed primarily for use with petroleum fuels. 
Tank Capacity Maximum of 35,000 gallons for single tanks and for up to 2 tanks manifolded together.
Throughput Monthly maximum of 130,000 gallons.
Waiting Time Minimum of 6 hours stabilization time is allowed between delivery and data collection.
Test Period Average data collection time is 12 days. 
During evaluation, data collection time ranged from 1 to 31 days. 
Data sampling frequency is at least once per minute. 
System collects data at naturally occurring product levels without interfering with normal tank operation and discards data from unstable periods when system performs test.
Temperature Average for product is determined by a minimum of 5 sensors.
Water Sensor Must be used to detect water ingress. 
Minimum detectable water level in the tank is 0.66 inch. 
Minimum detectable change in water level is 0.039 inch.
Calibration Temperature sensors are factory calibrated. 
Probe must be checked and, if necessary, calibrated in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
Comments System reports a result of "pass" or "fail."
Evaluated using both single and manifolded tank systems
with probes in each tank
Data can be collected when the product level is between 9% and 94.9% of tank volume. 
System distinguishes large leak rates (> 1gph) from dispensing activities and reports those as "fail". 
For valid monthly testing, a conclusive test report must be produced for each tank every month. 
System warns operator if there are no "passing" tests completed during the month. 
For very active tanks, a tank shut down may become necessary in order for the system to collect enough quiet-time data for a test. 
The 6-hour stabilization period after delivery may result in the system not testing the top portion of a very active tank. In this situation, a periodic test in the shut-down mode with a high product level should be used to test the entire portion of tank that routinely contains product. 
Because the database for evaluation of the system did not include sites with vapor recovery, certification is limited to sites with no vapor recovery.
Evaluated using gasoline.


OPW Fuel Management Systems

Evaluator:  Ken Wilcox Associates

6900 Santa Fe Dr.

Tel:  (816) 443-2494

Hodgkins, IL 60525

Dates of Evaluation:  03/13/00

Tel: (708) 485-4200



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