Issue Date: October 24, 2017


Leak Detection Technologies, LLC
Differential Pressure Leak Test – DPleak™
Leak Detection and Leak Location Test Method

Patent Pending DPleak™ Leak Detection and Leak Location Method



Leak rate of 0.1 gph with PD = 100%, and PFA = 0%.
Leak rate of 0.005 gph with PD = 96%, and PFA = 0%.
Please be aware that the authority having jurisdiction in your particular state, territory, tribe or municipality may have set a minimum detectable leak rate for secondary and spill containment testing.

Applicability Gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, fuel oil #4, fuel oil #6 (if above 60°), solvents, waste oil, air, water, LP gas, natural gas, toxic gases.
Specification Entire surface of sump wall must be observable by video camera.
Containment must be clean and empty.
Waiting Time No wait time.
Test Period For 0.1 gph: Less than 1 hour for sump test, 20 sec/ft² surface area.
For 0.005 gph: Less than 1 hour for sump test, 5 sec/ft² surface area.
System Features A leak is determined by detection of air or liquid ingress.
Calibration Re-calibration prior to each test.
Comments This method allows for detecting fluid ingress into the container at any point that can be observed.
Observation is conducted by camera. A vacuum is applied to the container to induce the ingress of air or liquid.
Ingress of air is observed by the addition of an indicator solution. Liquid ingress is observed directly.
Temperature is not a factor.
Some soil conditions may not be suitable for air ingress, such as saturated clay soils, impermeable flow of air or water.
Water table must be determined, by creating monitoring well if none present.
Internal surface must be clean and dry if the container is below groundwater. If the system is above groundwater the test pressure at the bottom of the container must be less than external pressure regardless of the level of liquid in the container.
If container is partially filled with liquid and groundwater is above the bottom of the container, test should not be conducted. Systems must be tested under a pressure less than atmospheric ambient or external pressure.


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Date of Evaluation: 06/01/2017

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